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Whoo fic time!

OMG finally posting fic! Here goes nothing! Feedback would be wonderful, 'cause I always get this sinking feeling when I post fic.

The finish line's a good place we could start
Doctor Who // Post S3 fic // Martha/Jack, implied Martha/Ten UST // R

Written for siranan, thanks for waiting! Also big thanks to persiflage_1 for the great beta job and all the *poking*!

Take a deep breath, take in all that you could wantCollapse )

Fic! Wooooot!

This is totally raw and please let me know if there are huge grammar issues. I just needed to post it before my nerves got the best of me! Yay for first fics in new fandoms! *hides*

Added bonus - the song that played a crap ton of times while writing - A kiss before I go - Ryan Adams & the Cardinals

Can't see tomorrow with yesterday's eyes
Doctor Who // S3 during Shakespeare Code // Martha/Ten // PG


can't tell the truth in a house of lies / and can't see tomorrow with yesterday's eyesCollapse )

Wtf Lia fic?!?

Okay, this is crap - I don't like it in the slightest, but then again, I don't like anything I've written since the spring. So, here it is - crap, but hell I'm posting it. Totally pulled out of my ass, so please let me know if there are huge grammar issues. Very much a freeform thing, and short, so stupidly short. Why yes, I am hard on myself :)

And I'm so frightened right now - gah.

And so it is
Lost // Jack/Kate // no spoilers, set late S1 // PG // 273 words

And so it is the shorter story / No love, no gloryCollapse )


Fic: Wanting (Boone/Shannon)

FINALLY! Lia posts fic! The drought has ended (sorta). Comments very much welcome. Thanks to Kira for the quick beta and encouragement.

Wanting // Lost // Boone/Shannon pre-island AU // slight spoilers for 2x06 "Abandoned"

She use to crawl into bed with him, half dressed and smelling of smoke and booze - she’d steal his covers and make him shiver in the dry California heat.

This way to the fic...Collapse )


Lost Fic: Rust

My last full day at my intership today and yesterday was my last day at the bookstore - which I spent answering the phone. I'm so glad that everything is almost over because it means that I'm finally on the home stretch for Chicago! Wheee! I'm very excited, paper still isn't done - it's due my email on the 26th. Which means I'll be sending it sometime before midnight on the 25th. I just have no interest in the books, or the topic so it's hard to get up enough motivation to do it - when I have a kink-a-thon fic that is melting my brain. Blah, blah - none of you want to hear about any of this crap! *sigh*

Wanna see Red Eye or should I wait? Kira - wanna see it when I get to Chicago?

Finally the long suffering Jack/Kate fic is ready (I hope) to post. I still have mixed feelings about the fic, but I think I've just been sitting on it too long, and I can't see the good parts anymore. BIG thanks to Molly for beta'ing it, and tell me that it's not all crap (beside my playing fast and loose with the rules of grammar).

Rust // Lost Fic // PG-ish // Jack/Kate // set after Do No Harm

And we just lay awake in lust and rust in the rainCollapse )


Fic and stuff

I feel like a bad person - oh so horrable - since I missed agent_molly and autobadgirl's birthdays! I'm so horrably behind on my b-day ficlets, but please email me with your requests, since I'm late anyway, you all won't mind waiting some more? Right? *huggles*

Still hot as hell here, very gross waiting for the bus. But work is like being in a deep freeze, so I'm quite content now. They keep saying that it will cool down tonight, but I don't really trust the weathermen(and women), we'll just have to see. Oh please let the power stay on if there are storms, oh please. (cause if the power goes out, then the pump in the basement goes off, then the basement floods, ugh) At least yet again, the rent's guilt would swell! Ha!

One B-day fic down, a few more to go!

To Be Young
Lost // PG // Jack/Kate // cuteness

Happy (belated) B-day Cath!Collapse )


Fic: It won't do

The Good: Squee! The head archivist of instutional (I think) records at the Holocaust Museum just left a message that he wanted to talk to me. That's a good sign right??! I'm going to call him back tomorrow, once I borrow a phone card from someone since mine has a minute left on it! Yay something good to tell the rents tonight!

The bad (sort of): So the bitch-y teacher (who picked on me in class today, which was uncalled for) ended up giving the whole class an extension until Thursday morning, which is just what I asked for. Her reasoning "I don't want to waste my time on mediocre papers." I don't know what has gotten into her, since I really liked her classes last term. I'm pissed but tempered by the "Good" as seen above.

Now for some totally different:

After autobadgirl convinced me that my unfinished Boone/Shannon fic was really finish as is, I thought I might post it up. Also as a thank you to all of you last night who cheered me up so very much.

It won't do // Lost // Boone/Shannon - AU pre-island // R for sexuality

Title and Lyrics from Suzanne Vega "Caramel". The change in tense is intentional, because there was more of this story intended (although I like it as is), the reasons for the change would be more apparent. The song is slightly ironicly intended, since in the pilot, Boone attempts to give Shannon a Snickers bar :)

It won't do to dream of caramel and long for you.Collapse )

Holocaust paper 4/8 pages done!

EDIT: Does anyone know where I can get the Pro-7 inteview of the Lost cast? LM has caps, but not a clip.



Back at school, so very tired and stressed at the moment. I have some work to get started on tonight, and maybe find myself some dinner of some sort. I don't feel like rehashing break at the moment, but just wanted you all to know that I'm back in the land of the slightly living, and am happy to be here.

Btw, got my hair cut, 7 inches off, eeep! It's shoulder lenth and layers, strangly it looks like JG hair, but her's is better.

Since we can post our remix stories:

Title: There was sand....in places. (Doctor, Doctor remix)
Summary: Jack reflects on Boone, maybe a little more then he’d like to // PG13 // Lost
Original story:There was sand....in places - Siryn99

Author’s note: This fic gave me a hell of a time, but I think that I’m happy with the way it turned out. I think that my Jack voice is now corrupted by the Boone pretty.

this way for the ficCollapse )


Fic: In the wake of Sin

Molly sent me sexy Ian pics so I told her I'd write a ficlet to thank her! So here it is. Very odd, and stream of thoughts. Un-beta'd.

In the wake of Sin // Lost // Boone-centric // R-ish // Post "Hearts and Minds" - No spoilers.

The answers we find,
Are never what we had in mind.
~ Nine Days

Fic this wayCollapse )

Oy - I have so much work to do, it sucks so much!


Fic: Tidal Wave

The miserable have no other medicine,
But only hope.
~ Measure for Measure. Act iii. Sc. 1.

Lost // PG13-ish // Jack/Kate // no spoilers - not really cannon anymore

Big thanks to yumytaffy for the quick beta, very thankful! And to autobadgirl who this fic was written for, even if she forgot, since it was so long ago.

Fic this way ...Collapse )

Feedback is always welcome. Maybe this will make up for the lack of new Lost this week ... or maybe not ;)


FIC: Sand (Lost)

It's suddenly like 70 out, isn't it suppost to be cold and stuff? I'm wearing flip-flops for pete's sake! Not like I'm complaining or anything. It's just weird.

Finishing up my violence in Algeria paper this afternoon, then it's a little relaxation and packing time, since I head home to DC tomorrow afternoon. Just cross your fingers that my mother will be in a good mood. Last year one of her first conversations with me started "Well it's looks like you've gain some weight" *face palm* And she wonders why I have body issues. But I have high hopes, mostly cause there is the prospect of shopping, and I so need some H&M therapy!

Here is my latest (finished) Lost fic (not the wip skinny dipping one). I hope people like it, it didn't turn out to be anything like what I wanted, porn!, but I think I finally got some of my ideas about character issues out. It's a little off canon, since I wrote it awhile ago, so no caves or anything. Feedback would make my day, as always, and help me to push through the other fic I'm working on. This one is Jack/Kate, which I adore and I know some other people do too, I think.


Lost // Jack/Kate // PG-13-ish (some language I guess?) // Part one of one

I'm not a grain of sand ...Collapse )

cross posted to some places ...


Fic: Driftwood (2/2)

So here it is, all that hard work and suffering for one little fic. *sigh* I think it turned out okay, given that we don't have a lot to go by, it can be frustrating to write in a new fandom. I want to be all canon and stuff, but it's hard when there isn't very much of it, more so with Lost then other shows.

So feedback would be devine, fav line and so forth. Would kick me out of this little funk I'm in, maybe I'd get some work done, so I wouldn't be so stressed!

Thanks to those who left comment on the first half, and to carmen_sandiego for the wonderful beta job!


Lost // Jack/Kate // Nc-17 // no spoilers

"Everything is open
Nothing set in stone
Rivers turn to oceans
Oceans tide you home" ~Travis

Part One

Part Two of TwoCollapse )



Sand // Me
Darling Lia

Words of Wisdom:

"I'm not a grain of sand
I don't care
what's written in your hand
Cause it's bound to change"
~Damien Rice

"And I was born on the shores
of the chesapeake bay
But Maryland and Virginia
have faded away
And I keep thinking tomorrow
is coming today
So I am endlessly waiting"
~Counting Crows

"When the one thing you want,
is the only thing out of your reach"
~Into the Woods

"'Cause the world keeps spinning
'Round and 'round
And my heart's keeping time
To the speed of sound
I was lost til I heard the drums
Then I found my way
'Cause you cant stop the beat"

"Music's the only thing that
makes sense anymore, man.
Play it loud enough,
it keeps the demons at bay."
~Across the Universe


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